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Musician - Performer - Composer  
Orchestrater - Arranger - Educator

2019 Winner of the International Trombone Association

J.J. Johnson Solo Jazz Trombone Competition

And The American Trombone Workshop

Solo Jazz Trombone Competition (Division 2)

THANKS FOR VISITING MY SITE! I'm Ethan Cypress and I am a freelance trombonist, copyist, arranger and composer based out of Upstate, NY. I grew up in Oneonta, NY, received my undergraduate degree in Trombone at SUNY Potsdam in 2015 and am currently working toward my masters degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Rochester.

AS A TROMBONIST and multi-instrumentalist, I've performed and recorded with numerous groups across several genres. I've also been a finalist for a handful of military band positions in California, Colorado and Washington D.C. I also held a section position as a Violist in The Catskill Symphony Orchestra from 2008 to 2011. While most of my work is as a tenor and bass trombonist, I also work as a violinist and violist with chamber groups that play at wedding ceremonies, and I work as a jazz pianist as well. I'm also well versed in country music as I also work as a banjo player, bassist and mandolin player.

AS A COMPOSER, I've been a semi-finalist and finalist for the American Prize in Chamber Music Composition and in Wind Band Composition, as well as a finalist for both the Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards and a finalist for the Morton Gould Young Classical Composer Awards. In 2017, The Eos Sextet performed my piece "Fickle Tone Zones" at both the Fischoff and M-Prize competitions. In 2018, the Lotus Trio performed my piece "Velox Nocturnus" at the M-Prize.


AS AN ARRANGER & COPYIST I've served and continue to serve numerous organizations across the United States. I worked for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra from 2013-2015 arranging string quartets for wedding ceremonies. In that same period of time, I also interned with members of the Mambo Legends Orchestra in New York City as a copyist. Since 2017, I've held the post of on call copyist, orchestrater and arranger for the Glimmerglass Opera Festival in Cooperstown, NY. In early 2018 I earned the post of staff arranger for Dream City Music.

AS AN EDUCATOR, I held the position of Adjunct Professor of Music Technology and Academic Intern at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY for the 2016/2017 academic year. I was in charge of recording, mixing and cataloguing concerts. I also trained work study students to run lights and live sound for events, and I taught an elective course in music technology and audio recording. While I left this position in the Spring of 2017 to pursue my masters degree, I have remained as a consultant for the music department and independent contractor. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Eastman School of Music, I run big band rehearsals, small group rehearsals, teach theory classes and tutor undergraduate students in a variety of different subject areas. 

The Quartets EP

Scroll down to hear the album

THE QUARTETS EP: Here's what I sound like! This is a short album of arrangements for trombone quartet that I wrote and recorded in January of 2018. Hope you Enjoy!

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